An outdoor, highly resilient sports flooring system suitable for multipurpose areas, basketball, futsal, volleyball, handball and other outdoor sports courts. It combines prefabricated shock-pads and polyurethane materials in an average total thickness of 6-16mm.


1. PU FLEX 140 – Special, polyurethane, two-component adhesive.

It is applied with a V-notch trowel, on dry waterproof, smooth, power-troweled surfaces of concrete, without rising humidity issues, or asphalt. Used for the application of ISOPOL 854 shock-pads or other prefabricated shock-absorbent rolls made from recycled rubber or EPDM granules.

2. ISOPOL 854 – Shock-pad in rolls.

Elastic, prefabricated shock-pad made of recycled rubber granules providing shock-absorbency, in thickness of 4mm up to12mm. Used as cushion substrate before the application of polyurethane or acrylic systems.

3. POLYSPORT STUCCO 1050 – Polyurethane, elastic, two-component pore filler.

Used for sealing porous prefabricated subfloor of sports floorings such as ISOPOL 854 or wet-pour cushion shockpads. Applied by a flat trowel.

4. POLYSPORT PU 1051 – Polyurethane, self-leveling, two-component coat for outdoor sports surfaces.

It is combined with ISOPOL 854as substrate to create multipurpose shock-absorbent resilient sports flooring systems. Pore filling with POLYSPORT STUCCO 1050 precedes its application. Applied by a V-notch trowel and the parallel use of spiked roller.

5. POLYSPORT 1052 – UV-resistant, polyurethane, aliphatic, two-component top coating for outdoor sports floorings.

Applied in two crossing layers by airless sprayer or short haired mohair roller.