Evo Pro

TigerTurf’s Evo Pro artificial grass turf takes its DNA from the very successful WETT Dressed hockey turf product. The Evo Pro turf is a product of the most advanced monofilament yarn technology. It is an exceptional turf for hockey fields and, being a versatile synthetic playing surface, is also an ideal turf for multi-sport facilities. Evo Pro synthetic grass turf can be used for a variety of sports, such as tennis, futsal, touch rugby, and athletics, as well as being soft enough for recreational football.


TigerTurf’s Advantage is the most advanced and durable tennis surface TigerTurf has made to date. It is an extremely hard-wearing, medium-pile turf that performs well for many school sports, such as hockey and volleyball.

  • Tested to ITF standards, Advantage is classed as a medium to fast surface, which takes spin and offers excellent grip.
  • The unique yarn used in the manufacture of Advantage has been designed so that it doesn’t shine when wet or under floodlights.
  • Even after heavy use, the surface retains its shape and structure, generating high performance, resilience and durability.


TigerTurf Classic synthetic turf is an excellent, hard-wearing surface for junior schools. It is especially manufactured to accommodate all the games, sports and activities your school wants, including running tracks, hopscotch, four square, logos and other designs. The result is a brilliantly versatile facility that looks fantastic, and becomes a feature of your school.

  • TigerTurf Classic is a versatile and hard-wearing surface designed for multi-sport use and recreational tennis on courts that are not used for regular, intensive play.
  • It is suited to tennis courts in private homes, apartment blocks and resorts and is a good economical option, with playing characteristics similar to those of denser grasses like Tournament.


Tournament multi-sport turf is the ideal surface for developing the skills needed for different sports activities and games.

  • TigerTurf Tournament has a lighter face weight than Tournament 1000, so is a more economical option for schools and clubs, and for home recreational sports.
  • It is also suitable for several sports activities and games, making it an excellent surface for school and community courts and for recreational areas.
  • Tournament turf requires very little maintenance and you can easily have it installed over an existing asphalt or concrete base, or fully constructed on natural turf areas.

Tournament 1000

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 synthetic grass is TigerTurf’s most popular multi-use surface and has been specified for schools for over 20 years. Tournament 1000’s hardwearing, long-lasting surface is ideal for schools. As a multi-use synthetic grass, you can use it for several sports, such as tennis, netball, football, basketball, track and hockey.

  • TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is ideal for many activities including netball, football, basketball, and hockey as well as tennis, which makes it an ideal residential court surface.
  • Durable and long-lasting, it is TigerTurf’s most popular multi-sport surface in schools in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
  • Tournament 1000 is ITF classified as a medium-to-fast tennis surface.


TigerTurf Elite is a medium-length, polypropylene fibrillated surface designed to be filled with sand. Available in different colours, this is a top quality, durable all-weather playing surface that you can use for a variety of sports and recreational pastimes.

  • Elite is suitable for clubs and top level domestic tennis.
  • With a 15mm pile height, much greater yarn content than the standard synthetic grass tennis court, and considerably less sand infill, this is the ultimate club surface.
  • It has a fast playing surface, comes in a variety of colours, and is ITF tested as a medium-to-fast surface.

Volley Pro

TigerTurf’s Volley Pro is a short-pile polyethylene surface requiring no infill.

Indoors and outdoors, it replicates a well-maintained natural grass court.

Volley Pro is classified by the ITF as a fast-paced surface, and we recommend that it be laid over a concrete base.

Commercial Grand Prix

TigerTurf Commercial Grand Prix will give you higher ball bounce and greater grip under foot.

  • The densely tufted, short-pile turf is designed for club and residential courts.
  • Very little sand is needed, which gives the tennis ball a better purchase on the surface.
  • Commercial Grand Prix is classified by ITF as a medium-to-slow paced surface, ideal for senior and junior players.