TigerPlay is a specialized playground product and the perfect choice for children to fully enjoy the outdoors. The multi-use, weather resistant playing surface is THE ideal solution for primary, intermediate, and high school landscapes. In addition to the obvious aesthetically pleasing aspects, TigerPlay was created to remain both lush and resilient year-round. It can replace unsightly and unsafe playground alternatives without racking up unnecessary costs. When natural grass is trafficked for more than a few days a week or suffers unpleasant weather conditions, it’s impossible for it to keep its vibrant color. TigerPlay will not only increase safety and ensure quality, but will also significantly decrease the high cost of water and upkeep related bills.

TigerTurf offers playground products that can protect kids while they enjoy outdoor play. The artificial grass products are free of harmful chemicals and allergens so no one is left on the blacktop or with the nurse treating a grass allergy. Each child should be able to enjoy recess with no worries and we aims to provide the means to do so.


TigerPlay was developed by TigerTurf specifically to meet the recreational needs of pre-school children. Ideal for childcare centres, community playgrounds and parks, TigerPlay is a softer, non-abrasive surface for safer playgrounds. More inviting and interactive than other playground surfaces, it is more durable and needs less maintenance than natural grass.