Our Italian Vinyl Flooring Collection is a distressed engineered floor packaged with three different widths for a unique layout, and is used in many areas such as homes, offices, shops, healthcare, gyms and hotels. Colors are rich and bold and the distressed texture complements the natural grain pattern of wood. With a highly accurate and stunning wood-effect texture, the luxury vinyl tiles are simply beautiful. The beauty of vintage oak is wonderfully recreated with numerous color variations. Measuring 5mm x 183mm x 1219mm, these luxury vinyl tiles will recreate the rustic beauty of a solid floor into your home, at a fraction of the price. The tiles come with a 10-year warranty, for more peace of mind.

Distinctive Properties of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Overlaying Option
May be installed by overlaying it on existing flooring including tiles, concrete, timber, laminate and even vinyl floor.
Slip Resistance
The tough-wearing embossed surface reduces possible slip and falls.
Made from 100% virgin, will  not swell or bulge upon contact with water.
Termites Free
Zero chance for breeding of termites as there is no wood content.
Durable Wear-layer
Having thick commercial-wear layer make it more durable for even in high traffic areas.
Fade Resistance
Undergone special ultraviolet treatment to ensure the colour does not fade over time.
CLIC Locking System
Equipped with patented CLIC locking system for hassle-free and glueless installation.
Nano Silver Technology
Creates non-stop anti-bacterial protection which is effective in killing germs and pollutants within seconds.

Roma Collection (5.0mm)

Colour Collection

Milano Collection (4.2mm)

Colour Options