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Experts in Indoor & Outdoor Flooring since 1999

An experienced an dedicated team of experts with more than 20+ years of experience in both indoor and outdoor flooring.

About Us

Vix Marketing was incorporated in 1999 with the aim to a wide range of solutions to cater to any needs and wants when it comes to flooring. Our skillsets are diverse; we specialise in wide areas of supply and installation ranging from sports, commercial, industrial to even home flooring.

Our mission is to always be committed in providing utmost quality and after-sale service. We also strive, in every possible way, to support our clients and customers in all their flooring needs.

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Without a doubt, GymFlexx is definitely the most economical solution in the market due to its long life cycle and low maintenance.


Not only that you will be compliant, GymFlexx also provides excellent performance in slip resistance, fire behavior and smoke emission.

Sound Absorbent

While being economical, the use of highly flexible compounds also ensures a high level of noise abatement, hereby creating a quiet environment as you desire.

Flexible, Resilient, Anti-Fatigue

Being flexible and having permanent resiliency are the main features of GymFlexx. This feature is maintained throughout its useful life offering a very high degree of comfort under-foot and anti-fatigue effect.


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Why Choose Vix Flooring?

1 - Enviromentally-Friendly

Vix Flooring is an environmentally-friendly, homogeneous EPDM/recycled floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear.

2 - Durable & Long-Lasting

With a two-year limited warranty, GymFlexx is made to last the life of the application without cracking or breaking.

3 - Flexible & Versatile

Direction free rubber chips, in a variety of colors, allow for a wide variety of patterns and expand the designers’ choice to express their creativity.

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