GoGo Green Technology

Sports ground surfaces are applicable to playground flooring, basketball courts, tennis courts and running tracks.

1) Glaze For EPDM Rubber Flooring

Singapore is a tropical country; the strong UV rays from the sun will deface the ground surface over time. This will result in the rubber falling out, discoloration, contraction, cracks and gaps and bad odor. More importantly, we will no longer have colorful playground that we deserve. GoGo Green’s SG Glaze for EPDM Rubber flooring is our specialized technology and could solve all the aforementioned problems. We are able to return colors and vibrance to the playgrounds. With EPDM rubber flooring, you can customize (designs and colors) your own playground!

2) SG Safety Elasticity Sports Ground

Safety always comes first. During physical activities, a player has to withstand the impact of gravity, which could easily be 3-5 times his own weight. This might lead to joint injuries in the long run.

Advantages of SG Elasticity Sports Ground

Cushions the impact of injuries to ankles and knee joints.
Overall shock absorption of the surface
Provided that the player falls down, it would reduce the abrasions on the skin
Bright colors, no discoloration
SG Elastic Sports Ground is an upgraded version of acrylic coated sports fields.

3) Running track

Traditional running tracks run the risk of having bumps over time and even after repair, there will be marks left behind. We have the best technology that will solve this problem. If you are interested, please contact us so we can send you a sample of it.

BS-2000 Series are made of 85% black rubber granules and 15% synthetic EPDM granules. This range of products are combined the Human movement mechanics and characteristics of rubber materials with steady performance and smooth surface flooring made in factory. This kind of flooring maintain the good resilience and offer the wide customers with safe, comfortable and soft while playing, working and living.