GF 2/3/5/7/8000 Series

Creatively designed to fit beautifully

GF-2000/3000/5000/7000/8000 Series offers excellent underfoot comfort, absorbs walking noise and the shock of training impact. Being made of recycled tire rubber and synthetic EPDM, it is durable and resilient enough for fir for the heavy use in gym room and commercial places. Its supplied in both roll and interlocking, with various colors available.

Our lamination rubber flooring is anther great alternative to multi-functional application. This latest innovative flooring is made from a base layer foam rubber with a top layer of GF-2000/3000/5000/7000/8000 series, ensures a better comfort and anti-fatigue property yet economical flooring solution.

Designed for indoor & outdoor recreational surfaces, GF-8000 series provides high traction and comfort underfoot. Facilities that have intensive ball sports, running & training would benefit from GF-8000 series.

Laminated from a base layer cushion (GF 1000 Series) with a dense layer of compressed EPDM Rubber, GF-8000 Series can quality the facility with easy installation and economic value.



  • Rich colors
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic
  • Recycled, non-pollution
  • Moderate and adjusted hardness
  • Excellent resilience, wear well
  • Soft, anti-slip, anti-fatigue
  • Convenient installation and easy maintenance


  • Fitness center, leisure center, club
  • Golf practice court, golf club, ice arena, play field
  • Supermarket, office building, office, meeting room, library, museum, stadium, hospital
  • School, kindergarten, factory and the fitness flooring in the house.

GF 2/3/5/7000 Series

Density (kg/m3) 1000/1200
Hardness (Shore a) 68
Stretch (MPA) 2.2
Abrasion Resistance 0.0075g(ASTM-D4060-01)
Rebound Resistance 55%
Friction Coefficient trends μs:0.995   .trends μk:0.930
Shape Deformation 42%
Length (m) 10/15/20m ±5cm
Width (m) 1m/1.25m ±5mm
Thickness (mm) 4-10mm ±0.3mm

GF 8000 Series

Material PU Binder & Synthetic EPDM
Color Variety of Colors
Thickness 3mm – 10mm
Roll Length Bulk or cut to length
Roll Width 1m